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Our work during the past 34 years has provided opportunities to produce a range of media for clients in a diverse category of industries and businesses.

This direct experience has given us the knowledge and understanding of many industrial and commercial operations, and therefore we are able to contribute practically in the development of your marketing and communication plans.

We have specialised in supporting small to medium sized businesses in delivering marketing consultation and strategic communication initiatives across a wide range of industries.

Whilst our services cover a range of practices, we have created a network of experienced service providers, who like us, have considerable knowledge in particular service fields. 

This advantage will allow us to provide direct cost-effective marketing services without the need of contracting various  service businesses. Ultimately, a single approach tends to align strategic plans and directions with media needs.

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Career Path

The start of my career in the film industry began in 1974 when I worked with a Sydney production house and part time with the ABC. I quickly gained experience and took many opportunities to develop my creative and technical skills in 16mm film and then video tape.

My employment history has been both contract freelance and full time. I have had several rewarding opportunities to work on Movie Features, Mini-Series and Television Documentaries.

From 1984 - 1989, I was resident Producer/Writer with EVP Television Productions, and Executive Producer with Corporate Talk Communications. In 1993 - 1995 I spent 2 years on contract with Video Communicators as resident Producer/Director & Writer.

In setting up Profile Communications in 1989, I was able to provide specialist services in the production of customised corporate and training videos directly for clients. I also established MultiMedia Connections to build and develop a team of skilled computer programming and graphic design specialists in order to maintain a strength in the new evolving media technology industry, which at that time was the development of ‘Laser Discs’.

In the year 2001, we established +3 NewMedia Group, to maintain our position in the mix of multimedia, video and print media. This arrangement would better serve our clients as we have formed a number of alliances with companies to provide specialist services to balance with our own skills and resources.

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Career Highlights

There are many memorable times, but the most touching was for the videos I produced for The NSW Institute of Deaf & Blind Society and for The House With No Steps for Downs Syndrome People. I will possible always remember producing a video for World Wildlife Foundation ‘A Share in Survival’ with Jack Thompson and directing a News commercial with Bernard King.

Awards for Professional & Artistic Competence

Golden Target Public Relations Award       

                         for ‘A Share in Survival’ World Wildlife Fund

National Serif Awards for Excellence,  Silver               

                         for ‘Coca Cola’ Corporate Profile

PATER World Broadcasting Award,                                   

International Film & TV Festival of New York Award          

US Industrial Film & Video Festival for Creative Excellence

                         for ‘Moving Up’ Department of Education SA

National Serif Awards for Excellence, Gold     

                         for ‘A Share in Survival’ World Wild Life

International Film & TV Festival of New York Award   

                         for ‘Valuing People’ Training Series

Canadian Film & TV Festival  Award

                         for ‘Communication & Customer Service’  Training Series

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Safety Equipment & White Cards

We own and maintain full sets of safety equipment, body harness, equipment safety wires and restricted movement site cones required for OHS&W on all industrial and construction locations.

We are experienced and knowledgeable with 'On-Site' OHS&W requirements and have completed many Client Induction Programs.

Induction / Orientation - Site Cards

Westfield Australia   WSCM Contractor  62595

Coles Group Limited    66661C0345

Construction Induction  (White Card)
# 40239-00033710-2


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Rotary WEB Links

I am a proud member and Past President of The Rotary Club of Tea Tree Gully.

Emergency Medical Information Book (EMIB)

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