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Photographic Services

We provide a range of Photographic Services for Commercial and Industrial needs, and we are our equipped for location anywhere in Australia or product studio based. Using high end digital technology we ensure excellent results to meet your photographic needs.

On Location, we provide instant full screen previews and work with clients to fine tune visual shots that are the best that can be achieved.

Our film industry experience has given us a unique experience where we "Light a Product or Location' to achieve the very best results. This guarantees total satisfaction with the finished product and saves valuable time.

All photographs taken are supplied on CD-ROM  to clients in a usable format and the Copyright is vested to our client. (We do not charge for extra copies of photographs.)

Printing Services

In house 'Wide Print Format' is available for A2 (poster) and A3plus formats. Prints can be processed overnight for clients requiring tight schedules. Printing Paper includes High Gloss, Satin Finsih 250gsm, Canvas 300gsm and Photo Paper 120gsm.

Photo Frames can be arranged, timeframes minimun 2 days.

(We do not do Weddings or Portrait Photographs)

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Photographic Equipment

Location Equipment Photography

            2 Canon Digital Cameras with additional Lenses & Filters

            2 Miller Trypods High and Low Legs

Location Equipment Lighting

            2 X 9000w Brute Lights

            2 X 2000w Focus Lights

            1 X 2000w Soft Light

            4 X 800w  Red Head Kit

            Assorted Profile Spots

            Full Gel Colour Correction Kit

            Background Screen and Blacks

Ancillary Equipment

            Auto Poles, Light Stands and Grip Equipment

            Stands and Flexi Fills

Location Safety Gear

            4 Safety Vests, 4 Hard Hats, 4 Safety Glasses

            1 Coverall Suite, 1 Breathing Mask

            1 Safety Body Harness and several Safety Cables for equipment

Studio Equipment

            1 PC Computer dedicated for Photographic work,

                     Graphics and Design  (Photoshop CS3)

            Wide Format A2 Printer and A3 Plus Printers

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Safety Equipment & White Cards

We own and maintain full sets of safety equipment, body harness, equipment safety wires and restricted movement site cones required for OHS&W on all industrial and construction locations.

We are experienced and knowledgeable with 'On-Site' OHS&W requirements and have completed many Client Induction Programs.

Induction / Orientation - Site Cards

Westfield Australia   WSCM Contractor  62595

Coles Group Limited    66661C0345

Construction Induction  (White Card)


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