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Capabilities & Experience

Forming a close group of experienced people in 1980, we produced many projects for local, national and international companies, which led to the formation of Profile Communications in 1989. In the beginning of 1990, we started to integrated various aspects of Multimedia and the creation of Laser Disc Technology with traditional film and visual media. In 1996, I formed Multimedia Connections to take full advantage of fairly highly developed computer equipment and software. I considered that the integration of Multimedia to develop training programs will develop to a sophisticated level over the next few years. In 2001, we formed +3 New Media Group to combine experiences and capabilities to add better value to clients for the production of Marketing Projects with Multimedia, Video and Print media.

I have always maintained a total commitment to each project, which gives clients and consultants a confidence in our organisational and quality standards. My values for traditional service, and the building of a professional relationship with each client has helped the +3 NewMedia Group to become firmly entrenched in the corporate market sector.

In the past few years, I have Produced and Project Managed CD ROM Titles, including; “The Art of Cricket –  with Sir Don Bradman”, and a Concept CD ROM called “Bites & Stings”. This CD ROM on Clinical Toxicology was a two year project being developed for the international medical market.

A major undertaking during 2000-2001 was the production of the Italian Soccer CD ROM Card Series.  We produced all the content for 174 individual player CD ROM cards from the main 8 Italian Soccer Clubs. Our Company also produced for Universal Pictures the E-Movie CD ROM Card for Jurassic Park 111 and Josie and the Pussycats, and Formula Race Card Driver Eddie Irvine

We completed a CD ROM Induction Program for WorkCover Corporation. This CD links to a database of employees to track employee progress and results from a built in quiz component in the program. We have developed similar projects for Elders Limited, Southcorp Wines and Ansett Transport Industries.

During the past few years we have developed CD ROMs and WEB Based teaching materials for the University of South Australia, Le Cordon Bleu Hotel School and The School of Marketing.  One project, ‘The Ramsden Hotel’ produced for Le Cordon Bleu, was a trial ‘simulation project’ for students from the Hotel School, undertaking their MBA with University of South Australia.

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Practical Experience

I consider myself lucky to have gained extensive practical experience in Production Managing, Writing and Directing. Producing however is my forte in project managing productions to be on time and within budget.

Hands on experience with the operation and handling of location and studio based Film and Video Equipment.

Post Production  Editing Process

On Line Editing        DV CAM, Betacam & 1” C Format

Non-linear Editing    Final Cut Pro V3, Media 100,  Avid Express

and  Adobe Premiere Pro CS2

Audio Post Production    Non-Linear Pro Tools, 

                                        Samplitude Studio Pro

Apple Mac      Operating System  Versions OS8,  9 and OS 10

IBM PC’s        Operating Systems to XP

Main Software Applications

            Adobe Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS2 and In Design CS2

            Macromedia Director V8.5 & 10

            Media Studio Pro   V6.5  Digital Video Editing

            Samplitude Studio  V4.0 Digital Sound Editing

            Adobe Premiere  all versions up to CS2 Digital Video Editing

            All Microsoft Office Applications

            DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro for MAC

            Creation of Hybrid multi platform CD’s and DVD’s.

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Current Equipment and Facilities

Location Equipment Video and Photography

            Sony 200P  DV CAM and additional Lenses

            Sony Digital DV

            2 Canon Digital Cameras and additional Lenses & Filters

            3 Miller Trypods - 2 High Legs, 1 Low Legs and High Hat

Location Equipment Audio

            Sony Digital DAT Sound Recorder

            Shotgun Microphones

            Hand Held Microphones

            3 Lapel Microphones

            2 Sets Radio Microphones

Location Equipment Lighting

            2 X 9000w Brute Lights

            2 X 2000w Focus Lights

            1 X 2000w Soft Light

            4 X 800w  Red Head Kit

            Assorted Profile Spots

            Full Gel Colour Correction Kit

            Background Screen and Blacks

Ancillary Equipment

            Auto Poles, Light Stands and Grip Equipment

            Stands and Flexi Fills

Location Safety Gear

            6 Safety Vests, 4 Hard Hats, 4 Safety Glasses

            1 Coverall Suite, 1 Breathing Mask

            1 Safety Body Harness and several Safety Cables for equipment

Studio Equipment

            Betacam Deck

            DV CAM Deck

            Various other formats HighBand & Umatic

            2 x PC Computers for Video and Audio Editing

                  Using Premiere Pro CS2

            1  Apple/MAC Computer with Final Cut Pro

            Various Studio Audio Mixers and Audio Decks

            1 PC Computer dedicated for Photographic work,

                     Graphics and Design  (Photoshop CS3)

            Wide Format A2 Printer and A3 Plus Printers

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Safety Equipment & White Cards

We own and maintain full sets of safety equipment, body harness, equipment safety wires and restricted movement site cones required for OHS&W on all industrial and construction locations.

We are experienced and knowledgeable with 'On-Site' OHS&W requirements and have completed many Client Induction Programs.

Induction / Orientation - Site Cards

Westfield Australia   WSCM Contractor  62595

Coles Group Limited    66661C0345

Construction Induction  (White Card)
# 40239-00033710-2


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Hire Equipment for Events and Corporate Presentations

We provide a range of Audio Visual Equipment for Small Events, Corporate Presentations and Conferences.

All equipment is delivered and set up to client requirements.

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Capabilities & Experience

Practical Experience

Current Equipment & Facilities

Safety Equipment White Cards

Hire Equipment for Events and Corporate Presentations